We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations (Judy Ringer)

‘How is your attitude toward the conversation influencing your perception of it? If you think this is going to be horribly difficult, it probably will be. If you truly believe that whatever happens, some good will come of it, that will likely be the case. Try to adjust your attitude for maximum effectiveness.’


Did you know they pluck feathers from live animals for your down feather pillow, duvet and coat?


Call me naïve, but I didn’t realise that they were plucked alive.

Please, tell your friends! They might be thinking about buying a cruel winter coat.

(I’m allergic to feathers, thankfully – went over to synthetic bedding when I was a child…in the 80s when most pillows contained feathers)

It Was Gordon Brown Wot Won It

And I'll Remember:

‘And no – he didn’t cause the global recession and financial crisis’

EXACTLY! if only Tory voters could have grasped that in 2010…

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(not satire – it’s UK politics!)

I know Gordon Brown isn’t the most popular politician.

However, it must be said it was probably the former Labour PM’s last minute intervention which put the final seal on the NO campaign’s victory in the Scottish referendum.

Especially his passionate speech on the eve of the vote.

I have to admit I have a bit of a soft spot for unglamorous, grumpy old politicians like Brown who don’t seem to give much of a fig for PR.

His famously bad temper and so-called ‘clunking fist’ were plus points for me.

And no – he didn’t cause the global recession and financial crisis.

The clue’s in the word ‘global’.

In fact, in my opinion we could do with a LOT more bad-tempered clunking fists like Brown in parliament instead of all the countless clean-cut, insincere, well-manicured, PR friendly, bland Blair clones that seem to dominate British politics…

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Best Dream – the most gorgeous John Otway song.

Love him!


I think it must be the best dream I’ve ever had,
To be with you on such a starry night it can’t be surpassed,
And after all the other kids my friends have dated with,
By far baby, the best of all is you.

Aint there no-one else around to love me when I’m down,
and not treat me like a fool and wouldn’t be so cruel to leave me?

And I think it was almost the dream of dreams,
To be with you so high and so finally,
I’ll forget the other girls that I have in my dreams,
’cause by far baby, the best of all is you.

Aint there no-one else around to love me when I’m down,
and not treat me like a fool and wouldn’t be so cruel to leave me?

Stephen Mera – Strange Happenings – Memoirs of a Paranormal Investigator

Stephen Mera - Strange Happenings

Well, I’ve just finished reading this - congratulations to Stephen on writing this brilliant book!

I read it in record time, absorbing all of the information from Stephen’s work as a Paranormal Investigator. Fascinating stuff indeed! Stephen has clearly been devoted to his work – capturing the science behind seemingly unexplainable phenomena.

I learned some new things – ‘Cities in the Sky’ and ‘Star Jelly’ being just two.

I enjoyed the way that Stephen clearly kept his head firmly on his shoulders, just as a good investigator should.

If you’d like to read Stephen’s book too, you can buy it online here – http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/1176591-strange-happenings?redirect=true

If you’d like to become an Investigator yourself (I know I would!) Stephen’s course is available here – http://www.mapit.kk5.org/#/the-bitc-course/4535344526

Eat More Raw!

And I'll Remember:


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Don’t eat meat and dairy, ditch the sugar, limit alcohol, avoid trans fats, choose organic, gluten is harmful, make from scratch, say goodbye to processed….wowzer.

I can really see why my clients and others struggle to know where to turn. We’ve made it so difficult for ourselves to get back out of this nutritional funk.

It’s gone on for decades so now eating healthily (or eating “normally” in my book) is a learned skill! Where do you even start?

Well, despite all the limitations, there remains a group of foods that have been here all along. Those who have been quietly waiting to make their comeback in a massive “told you so” stylee. Those who nudge each other on the supermarket shelf, whispering “they’ll be back” as you walk past.

A group of foods that you needn’t restrict, in fact they’re UNLIMITED.  Fill your boots man! Go crazy! It’s a…

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