Ice Bucket Challenge – Charitable?

Water Poverty

I don’t often agree with the ToryGraph, but this caught my eye;

I’ll do the WordPress version – I’m currently running the cold water tap over my toe. You do it (and why not film it, upload it to YouTube, Facebook – wherever you can!!!) and donate to (the serious bit) the DEC –

I donate to the DEC. Granted, celebrities do implore us to do this – but they don’t want us to do a self serving showy offy ‘challenge’ while we do it. They just want our cash.

And, another great charity might have something to say about this waste of H2O – can you believe, there are people in the world who don’t have enough water to drink to stay alive – much less chuck it over their heads. WaterAid – – you can even donate to them!  

If (lucky you!!!) you have no idea what I’m on about – you can donate to the original Ice Bucket Challenge charity here –
or the UK adopted charity here –

Going ‘poo’ free? Try these non silicone conditioners!

TresemmeThanks to this site, I am now washing my hair with conditioner, then conditioning with the same thing!

Since going shampoo free, my hair is SO much softer, which is nice. Plus, I’m saving money AND my teeny amount of hand eczema is clearing up!

I take a small squirt of conditioner, then wash my hair, at the scalp, as I would with shampoo. I don’t get a lather, but after a rinse if feels clean. Then I put conditioner all over my hair, leaving it for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

I then comb through with this;

Macadamia Nut Oil Comb

A macadamia nut oil infused comb! (pic courtesy of

Lovely stuff :)

An American doctor experiences an NHS emergency room

Originally posted on Dr. Jen Gunter:

You know it’s going to be one of those days when one of the first tweets on vacation inquires about the closest hospital.

IMG_8896Victor, one of my 11-year-olds, had something in his eye courtesy of a big gust of wind outside of Westminster Abby. He was complaining enough to let me flip his eyelid and irrigate his eye on the square in front of Big Ben. (I’m sure several people thought I was torturing him).  Despite an extensive search and rinse mission no object or relief was to be found. I fretted about going to the hospital. It wasn’t the prospect of navigating a slightly foreign ER, but simply the prospect of the wait. While I am a staunch supporter of the British NHS in the back of my mind I envisioned a paralyzingly full emergency room and an agonizing 18 hour wait only to find he had nothing in his…

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I’ve got the Exante Shakes

Right! I’m still on the Exante diet! I highly recommend it – purely for the fact that it is the first diet I have ever done where I am NEVER hungry! Seriously. That is a revelation! It makes shrinking portion sizes very easy.

I am shrinking, which is great. I don’t weigh myself, but my clothes are hanging off me.

So…I adore the double choc bars. The shakes are ok, too – I bought big boxes of the chocolate flavour and then the forest fruits.

Last time I placed an order, I went all out – a bumper box of 10 of each of the following;
Toffee Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla.

Yes – that was in order – worst to best!

Toffee Caramel

Exante Shake Toffee Caramel

My least favourite option – not at all bad, but I don’t like toffee flavour stuff anyway. I gave it a go!

Chocolate Mint

Exante Shake Chocolate Mint

Much nicer than the chocolate option, leaves no odour and tastes minty! A bit runny though, so needs less water.


Exante Shake Strawberry

Now we’re getting tasty! This is a lovely strawberry flavour – well worth a go for first timers!


Banana Exante Shake

Wow! I HATE banana flavoured things, usually, but this is delicious! Imagine a subtle banana flavour cookie, in a shake. This is what it is like! It goes quite thick, I end up eating the last bits with a spoon – banana custard!


Exante Shake Vanilla
Hands down – this wins. If, like me, you make Bird’s trifle (once a year) PURELY for the dream topping – this is it. Just like Dream Topping. Nice and thick, too. 10 out of 10!!!

Thanks Exante – good luck to everyone else that gives it a go!


Eat Water Slim Rice – A Real Review

Eat Water Slim Rice
As you may guess – I’m female, and yes. I’m on a diet!

My Exante Very Low Calorie Diet is going really well. The only downside is the amount of hair I’m losing…now I’m aware of this I’ve upped my protein and biotin intake. So, fingers crossed that’ll ease off soon.

Anyway – I thought I’d mention my most recent foray into the diet food world. ‘Eat Water’s Slim Rice! They say;

‘Slim Rice is made from Konjac flour and is Low in Calories, Gluten-Free, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Wheat-Free and a source of Fibre.’

I was raised on fluffy white basmati rice – it is what I crave. I now have it just one a week on my Saturday curry bonanza night…every diet needs a night off! Anyway, I have heard loads about Eat Water, this is what I knew before I bought it;

*Very low in calories (approx. 16 calories per 200g pack compared to a whopping 600+ calories in a portion basmati rice)

*Full of fibre, so very satisfying

*Very smelly The smell is what really put me off trying this – readg online reviews freaked me out. I’m the sort of person that gags when I smell a fried egg. Blugh. So, hearing that this slim rice stunk like ‘fish’ really put me off the idea.  

However, I caught a presentation on Ideal World (I know!) and the presenters managed to prepare it without being sick…so I thought ah, I’ll go for it.

I bought one pack from Holland and Barrett. I opened the outer pack, it smelled a bit musty. I then opened the inner pack and placed the slim rice into my sieve…I held my nose until I got the sieve under the tap, then braved a whiff.

***This stuff does NOT stink of fish!!!***

Really. It had a smell, a bit musty, but not fishy. People are clearly eating very dodgy fish if they think this slim rice smells of fish! Ha.

I made a tomato and garlic butter sauce, then tipped my slim rice into the pan. The texture of each rice ‘grain’ was very similar to tiny bits of boiled chopped egg white. Slippery, like the egg white bits in egg mayonnaise. It was not at all unpleasant.

I tipped my saucy rice into a bowl and ate the lot. It was really nice! I mean, it wasn’t basmati rice nice, nowhere near. But as a substitute, or rather, something completely different, it was good. I might try their noodles next time!



RichPlanet Tour – August 2014 – Margate

Richard D Hall Tour

Oh! Wow.

That’s how I felt at the end of Richard D Hall’s live show. Just wow.

Those unfamiliar with Richard’s work should get yourself over to his site. It’s all there. That’s the great thing about Richard – he is in the ‘business’ of sharing information…for free. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘Oh, he just wants my £’. Of course, £ is always welcome in life! But Richard puts everything onto his site for free. I like to pay for things from him to show my support. Some people do that for the Daily Mail, or Primark…I spend my £ on high quality research and information.

Anyway – yes. I’ve been following Richard’s work since 2011, and first saw him live earlier this year in Hastings. As soon as his next tour was announced, I decided to go for the Margate event. Despite living in Brighton for my entire life, I rarely get to visit other seaside towns. Margate seems great, by the way –sunbleached and sunny.

I got to Margate at about noon – WAY too early for the 2pm start, so I wandered into the town to get a cold drink and some cash for Richard’s merch stand. The town was busy and bubbly, a Soul Music event was taking place, so everyone seemed quite chirpy.

I got to the hotel just before two, then settled into the front row. I reckon, as a lone female, I might as well take the best seat in the house! I don’t think that theory went down too well with a large group, but there wasn’t allocated seating, so nurr!

Richard’s show was introduced by a local Paranormal Events Team – good on them, I say. If not for them, I don’t think Richard would have made the trip down. Richard started his show with an hour and a half of fantastic information about all manner of things…I’m not going to give it all away – if you’re interested, go and see him live!

What I will say is, as usual, I disagreed with some of what he had to say. But I liked to hear him say it. I think Richard would approve of that; after all, we should have our own minds, not be spoonfed information by any one source (including from the mainstream or alternative media).

The first half of the show whizzed by – and blimey, during the break, Richard was deluged by audience members! Poor fella! I bet he just wanted to have a breather and some space, but like a true gentleman he stuck around for snaps, answered questions and carried on working throughout the 30 minute intermission. As an ex-performer, I can sympathise with this…he wants to be polite, but should probably put his own needs first. Perhaps in future events he can be whisked off to a private space for a little while – only if he wants to, of course! The choice is his, but it would be good if he could have that option.

The second part of the show was just as fascinating, I always learn something new from Richard. I found myself more agreeable with the information he presented in the second half. I say information on purpose – he doesn’t present theories. Just evidence based information. He does the hard work and passes it on. I’m grateful for that. Anyway, at the end a few of us stuck around to ask questions. Between the end of the show and his Q&A Richard stayed with us all, getting his photo taken and chatting with guests. He must have been exhausted – but part of me hopes that he and his team went for an end of show boogie at the Soul Weekender (ft Norman Jay!). Ha.

Anyway – it was a fantastic show, as I have come to expect from Richard. Thank you Mr Hall – until the next time!