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I must say, the whole tragic tale of two children from Hampstead has been swirling around the ‘truth movement’ over the last, oh, close to a year now.

I keep an open mind about things, however, when there is proof of violence against two tiny children, and they are ‘outed’ as victims for the world and its weirdo’s to see, I have a problem. I’m not lucky enough to be a mother, but I know that if I was, I’d protect my children with my life. They’d be number one. And, I doubt I’d have any time to ponder blogs and the alternative media as much as I do!

Anyway, this blog has been an absolutely brilliant read – such hard work, dedication and purpose. Well done to Scarlet and her team!

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Not only are you our odious ‘leader’…you’ve decided to wear my favourite brand of shoes.

fitflops david cameron

Damn you, Cameron. I know you’re are dehumanising our disabled people, and demonising our ‘scroungers’ (except our entrepreneurial landlords who quaff the housing benefit by charging extortionate rents)…but the shoes.

Is nothing safe?