Best Hairdresser in Brighton!

I’m not going to get too deep in this post…suffice to say, you don’t get waist length hair by going to the hairdresser very often.

That said, I went to the hairdresser yesterday for the first time in over four years.

It has been a tough few years – even the prospect of something simple like going to the hairdresser filled me with anxiety; on top of everything else, I just couldn’t face it.

Anyway – yesterday I bit the bullet, and I had a trim with the very kind and understanding Hannah at Simon Webster Hair in Gardner Street.

The salon is lovely – not at all like a clinical dental surgery as so many hairdressing salons are.

They have a fab website so do take a look if you are in the area and fancy a trim –

Here is me, the morning after the day before, happy with my hair. I’d had a walk through the wind and rain, so my hair looks a bit messy. Just how I like it!

Me 2

Richard and Molly, A True Story From the Assisted Living Facility – by Annie Mimi Hall

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This brought a tear to my eye. Well done for noticing all of this, and thank you for sharing such a powerful experience.

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old couple in loveThis is  true story from the assisted living facility where I work. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the residents. Of all the stories I could tell you, this is one of my favorites.

I have worked in nursing homes and assisted living facilities for many years. I have seen many things and gotten to know many people. Many things have touched my heart but this one is really special. 

This is a story about Richard and Molly. First I will tell you about Richard…

Richard lived with his wife, in our  assisted living facility for 10 years. They had their own apartment and were a high functioning couple. 

 A few months ago, the wife passed away suddenly. We were all quite shocked, but none of us were more upset by her sudden death, than Richard was. His mental state began to quickly decline, after his…

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Kindness Goes Hand In Hand

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Beautiful…and humbling.

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Couple Holding Hands Photo Credit:

As I arrived at work on another bitterly cold morning, I surveyed the sidewalk that stood between the day shelter for homeless men and my car.  The usually safe path had been transformed into a sort of makeshift skating rink, thanks to the snow and ice that recently blanketed Louisville.  Slowly, very slowly, I began to make my way down the sidewalk toward the day shelter, but almost as soon as I started walking, something, or rather someone, stopped me in my tracks.

As I tentatively took my initial steps, I heard one of the older gentlemen who is a guest at the day shelter call out to me.  In a deep, booming voice, he commanded, “Stop right there!  Oh no, you don’t, Miss Kristi!  Don’t take another step.  I am coming to get you.”  I froze right where I was, as I watched him adeptly make his way across the…

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Telogen Effluvium and an Oily Scalp

Telogen Effluvium

I’ve noticed that a few readers have found me by searching for ‘telogen effluvium with an oily scalp’.

Firstly, I experienced a significant amount of hair loss last year. I was taking part in a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). When my waist length brown hair started to fall out in HUGE clumps, I looked online for help.

The VLCD salespeople don’t really mention the significant hair loss that the diet will bring. Though, a quick search online shows that I was not alone.

And, if you are experiencing this – yes, my scalp was extremely greasy, too.

Now, a year on, my hair loss has stopped and my hair is, truly, looking better than ever.

I started taking Biotin and I stopped using shampoo.


Biotin helps with hair growth (I now have lovely, long, strong nails, too!). I now use a silicone free conditioner to wash my hair, then condition my hair, then rinse with apple cider vinegar.

This is what I am using – not a terribly expensive regime, but after six months I have really turned my hair loss around. Oh, and I came off the VLCD. A banana for breakfast, a banana for lunch, and a nice dinner when I get home.

Good luck to you – don’t let your hair loss get you down x

Suicide – an arrow that points to criminal activity?

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A very interesting piece. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband being abandoned by those professionals who were supposed to be helping. Also, I think that people in the medical profession have access to drugs that make suicide an ‘easier’ option for them..they would know the dosage required, etc.

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Years ago I was a volunteer for the Samaritans in Northern Ireland. A fund raising event took me to the Samaritan office in Londonderry. I was amazed how quiet the office was – the phone hardly ever rang. It was explained to me that Derry, with a very high population of young people and a heavily infiltrated IRA area, had the highest rate for suicide in the under-18 age group in the United Kingdom. It also had the highest number of juvenile males in wheelchairs which I have seen anywhere (knee-capping). It was supposed that due to the IRA practice of recruiting teenagers to assist in their terrorist acts, and the local romantic depiction of the IRA as freedom-fighters among children who were allowed to associate, when those children reached a certain age, about 16, and were requested to take part in a seriously criminal act, it was a severe…

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Coming Soon! Exciting New Ecourse!

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Pure – white – deadly.


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Sugar Course Cover

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This ecourse is the first in a series from H.E.A.L Academy by Tonic Nutrition.

Work through a specifically designed meal plan aimed at healing your cravings as well as having access to the private members area for other students working through the course. Sign up to receive regular updates and be the first to know when you can pre-book your space. It won’t be long! Enrolment will be limited.

Get on the list to receive discounts for early sign up as well as free bonus material. Awesome or what! >>>

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Richplanet Tour- 2015! I’ve got my ticket! Who is going to the Brighton show?

Richard D Hall UK Tour 2015

I am SO excited about the upcoming RichPlanet Tour. Richard D Hall is a fascinating speaker. The subjects he addresses are out of this world. This will be my third time to a live show!

Tickets cost a very reasonable £12 each – I say reasonable because Richard is on his feet for a couple of hours, presenting his research. He is travelling far and wide to get this information out. I like to support Richard’s work :)

If you’d like to get your ticket to the most accessible and intellectual Alternative Media event of the year, you can buy your ticket from Richard’s site:

See you in Brighton!!!