Donations…I must be a mug!

Well, I mean.

One of the blogs I follow is by someone who is clearly in some sort of debt. Though we’ve never really chatted, I follow their blog and give the occasional ‘like’.

I noticed that they had asked for financial help from readers. They are based in the US, and I so happened to have made a miniscule amount of money from my writing. It was just sitting in my PayPal account, in dollars. I sent it on and said ‘sorry it’s not much, but I hope it helps’, along with my blog name.

I didn’t receive any acknowledgement for this or even a thank you. I thought that was a shame.

Logging on today, I can see they are still trying to rinse their readers for cold hard cash.

Oh, well. Lesson learned!

Still here! Or there. I’m about :)

Hello! Long time no post.

Thing is, I’m now at university! I know! I’m 35, and have started my adult education. I went straight to work when I was 16…I’m now finally following the path I should have followed. I’ve taken the long way around.

I’m not sure how much I can share on here – my new career is bound by professional standards. We’re not allowed to say much on social media.

This should give a clue…